Five Essential Things to Do Before the Water Damage Restoration Company Come On The Scene

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Matrix Mitigation Services is a professional water damage restoration company serving Hoschton, GA, and the surrounding areas. The company works to remediate all water-related emergencies, from leaky or burst pipes to natural disasters. The restoration professionals at Matrix Mitigation Services know that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage repair, and the company is prepared to handle these issues day or night.

Five Things To Do While Waiting for A Water Damage Restoration Contractor to Arrive

Locals depend on their homes and businesses for clean, safe, and dry spaces, and flood damage, broken washing machines, and other powerful water disasters can put those buildings and the people in them in jeopardy. Matrix Mitigation Services cares about fellow Georgians and takes pride in offering them the best water damage restoration services in the Hoschton area. After calling for help during a water emergency, there are five other tasks that may prove useful while the contractor is on their way:

#1 Contact Insurance Providers

When a home or business suffers water damage, it is essential to contact the requisite insurance providers; the sooner, the better. Georgia residents should contact their insurance providers promptly, especially if they suspect their building does not carry flood damage coverage. However, water damage restoration companies like Matrix Mitigation Services may also work directly with insurance companies, which saves the initial insurance call.

#2 Turn Off Utilities

Gas, electricity, and municipal water sources can compound a dangerous flood situation in a home or business. If it’s possible to reach the utility shut-off switches, it’s always a good idea to turn them off. However, nobody should enter an area with standing water until the electricity is completely off and the qualified water damage restoration officials are on the scene—it is extremely dangerous.

#3 Remove Extra Water

Property owners with access to a wet vacuum may try to remove the water before the water damage restoration experts arrive. Removing all the water will not be possible without the professional equipment that Matrix Mitigations Services carries, but any efforts might ensure the owner can salvage some flooded items or furnishings. Again, never attempt to use a vacuum or another electrical appliance in an area with standing water.

#4 Salvage Items

If it is still safe to enter a flooded area and all appliances are off, a home or business owner could try to save items and furnishings. Take any salvageable items to a dry area with sunlight or fans. Rugs, drapes, blankets, documents, and other items that can lie flat or hang in the sun will typically dry quickly.

#5 Start a Shopping List

When water damage happens in a home or commercial building, the destruction of some items is inevitable. For example, couches, mattresses, carpets, and even drywall can quickly become breeding grounds for mold and other organic growth that jeopardize the health of everyone inside. Owners will need to dispose of most of these waterlogged items and start a shopping list to replace them instead.

Some people find it helpful to take photographs of the damaged items to help identify everything that has been lost. The record is useful for both insurance purposes and replacing the items once the water damage restoration services have saved every item possible.

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