Water Damage Restoration

What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage happens whenever excess water accumulates in places where it shouldn’t. The causes of this water damage can be due to storms, washing machine overflow, septic tank backup, toilet overflow, frozen pipes, broken pipes, and other matters.

We offer quick and immediate responses to water damage. When you have water damage to your home, we act fast to not only prevent more water damage but to begin the repair and restoration process.

We utilize thorough water damage restoration processes to provide a safe and dry home after water damage incidents so that you can once again feel safe and secure in the homes.

How Matrix Mitigation Helps with Water Damage

Enter the Property with Care

When your home gets flooded in a leakage, flood, or another natural disaster, you have to be as careful as possible when re-entering the house. As a precaution, you should turn off the gas and electricity. Also, wear protective footwear if possible so that you do not step on sharp and dangerous objects lying in the water. Put on protective clothing in case of the growth of mold spores.

Check for Mold

Wet areas are a thriving ground for mold, so beware of mold growth when you have a flooded area in your home. Mold can be dangerous to health, so it’s important to find and remove them and arrange for their removal as soon as possible.

Check if Structural Integrity Has Been Compromised

No matter how strong you think your house is, extensive water damage can sometimes compromise the structural integrity of a building. So check the foundation of the house, the walls, and water-logged areas for cracks and signs of stress on the structure.

Keep the Evidence

Before starting any work in your water-damaged property, you may need to document the damage because you’ll need it for your insurance claim. You can document this evidence by taking as many photos as possible. Don’t discard impacted contents.  Our team will assist in fully documenting and work to assign value to aid in full reimbursement.

Drying the Area & Inspecting the Plumbing

One of the most important steps in the water damage restoration process is drying. The method to dry up the water depends on the severity of the water damage. Some levels of water damage could require a brush, while others would need an electric pump.

Inspect Other Areas of the House

The roof is another area of the house that must be inspected to travel up there. The same goes for the walls and the attic. These are usually breeding grounds for mold, and you should have trained experts inspect these areas and dry them as soon as possible to prevent or remove mold.

Allow Proper Ventilation

Matrix experts will use professional equipment to speed up the drying process in your home.

Our Process

Water damage can sometimes leave your home facing severe physical and structural damage. Quick action is required in this kind of scenario to mitigate the damage. Water damage professionals would immediately repair and restore the damaged areas in your home using fast and advanced methods to find the hidden moisture and extract it.

They can locate potential damage in areas where you can’t and find water sources quicker than you can. They accelerate the entire process using contemporary methods and technology. Using a professional water damage restoration company is the surest way to get your property back to pre-damaged conditions in the shortest time possible.

When working with Matrix Mitigation, you can be sure of three things; highly trained water damage restoration experts, great customer service, and easier insurance claims. If you have a water-damaged property, don’t hesitate to call our professional water damage restoration service at Matrix Mitigation today.

Matrix is the White Glove/Gold Standard service provider to policyholders who want complete devotion to their property. Our focus is on you, the property owner suffering from the fire damage or mold remediation incident, and we will ensure to provide you with the best service.

Get the Matrix Advantage

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