Water Removal Methods for Your Hoschton, GA, Residence

The Water Removal Methods Used in Professional Water Damage Restoration

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Matrix Mitigation Services provides water damage restoration services to Hoschton, GA residents. Even small spills can do a lot of damage to residential properties, resulting in structural instability and excessive mold growth. Hoschton’s humid climate means that Matrix Mitigation technicians have to use specialized methods to extract water effectively after a flood, spill, or leak.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, US residents have experienced over $95 billion in disaster damages in 2020, much of it due to hurricanes and flooding. The best way to avoid paying more for water damage restoration is to contact the experts as soon as possible. The sooner they remove the water, the less the final cost.

Common Water Removal Methods for Hoschton Homes

#1 Vacuums

Wet-dry vacuums are excellent at removing water from porous surfaces, like carpets, wooden floors, and even concrete. Industrial-strength wet-dry vacuums have large water tanks that allow water damage restoration experts to remove large volumes of water quickly.


Technicians will often use wet-dry vacuums in small to moderate flooded areas, as they’re the perfect balance of versatility, portability, and effectiveness.


#2 Pumps

Pumps are the go-to method for severe flooding, especially in basements and in areas of high water. The process starts with submersible pumps that slowly but steadily remove water from the area. Removing the water too fast can result in pressure imbalances that can result in floor cracks, structural wall damage, and even affect the building’s foundations.


A good rule of thumb is to remove a third of the initial depth per day until the technicians can employ wet-dry vacuums for the final water removal.


#3 Dehumidifiers

Removing the visible, standing water is only the first step in water damage restoration. There is still plenty of water hidden in cracks and crevices, and many items are still likely damp.


The best way to remove this hidden water is by encouraging as much evaporation as possible. Dehumidifiers dry out the air, which leads to a higher evaporation rate and removes excess moisture from the area. Industrial dehumidifiers can remove gallons of water from the air per day.


Keeping the air dry also limits the amount of mold growth during the water removal process. Mold loves high-humidity environments and thrives in dry walls, floors, and ceilings after a flood. Keeping the air as dry as possible limits the spread of mold spores and prevents future mold concerns.


#4 Fans

Fans complement dehumidifiers in the final stages of the water removal process. High-velocity fans pass a lot of air over damp surfaces, which encourages faster drying from porous surfaces. Air movers and fans help keep humidity levels constant, which will also speed up the drying process.


Complete water removal is never a fast process, especially in severe situations. However, immediate action is still beneficial. An experienced water damage restoration team ensures efficient and effective water removal that sets the stage for the restoration and cleaning process.


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Matrix Mitigation Services has helped hundreds of GA residents recover from unexpected flooding disasters. The company prides itself on effective, rapid responses that make the water damage restoration process as stress-free as possible.

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