Water Damage Restoration Timeline: Factors and Considerations

Five Steps To Expect from the Professional Water Damage Restoration Process

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Matrix Mitigation Services is a Georgia-based water damage restoration company serving Braselton, Hoschton, Gainesville, Jefferson, and the surrounding areas. The company prides itself on serving customers quickly and efficiently, with great attention to detail when it comes to water removal and other essential services. It operates 24/7, 365 days per year.

Water Damage Restoration in Five Easy Steps

Matrix Mitigation Services bundles water removal, inspections, drying, sanitizing, and restoration into one easy process. The company works side-by-side with major insurance companies in the area for convenient and affordable mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and other related services in Georgia. Here are the five key steps for a typical water damage restoration timeline:

Step #1 Assessment

The assessment kicks off the water damage repair process, and Matrix Mitigation Services will inspect the building for damage, mold, and warning signs. The experts use numerous factors for this process, such as:

  • the presence (or lack) of standing water,
  • the progress of the leak or flood damage,
  • the source of the damage, and
  • the cleanliness of the water.

Once they determine the probable extent of the damage, they move quickly. A note for Georgia’s residents is that homes built before 1985 may need asbestos testing before the authorities allow water extraction to begin—allow Georgia’s asbestos test lab one to two days for the results.

Step #2 Removal

Once clear, the restoration team will attempt to remove water from the area as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The team uses powerful water extractors of different shapes, sizes, and strengths to remove water from flooring, drywall, and other surfaces. Sometimes, the team needs to remove damaged areas or dispose of certain items that pose health hazards or carry the risk of mold growth.

Step #3 Drying

The drying process begins immediately within any damp areas with fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Matrix Mitigation Services might also use the central air system if using the electricity source is safe. It adds to the effectiveness of the process, drying the home’s interior surfaces as thoroughly as possible.

Step #4 Cleaning

Areas that survive the initial water damage need cleaning and sanitization to discourage mold and bacteria growth. Matrix Mitigation Services makes every effort to save as much of the home or business as possible, including items and furnishings inside the building. The entire process up to and including the deep-cleaning process typically takes two to three days, depending on the asbestos removal timeline.

Step #5 Restoration

The final step is a complete restoration and the opportunity for the owner to replace any items and furnishings that didn’t survive the water damage restoration process. It may include internal surfaces, such as drywall and hardwood floors. It also applies to furniture, appliances, and smaller belongings like washing machines and couches.

Water Damage Restoration Timeline

The timeline for the restoration process can fluctuate based on the scope of the replacements and repairs. It can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, but the initial assessment will reveal more on-site. Whether it is through pipe leaks or natural disasters, swift attention from our local water damage restoration services will ensure that homes and businesses in Jefferson, GA, and nearby areas look like themselves again in no time.

Project timelines vary in length and involvement, but Matrix Mitigation Services does everything in its power to expedite the process without sacrificing the quality of the results. Call the water damage restoration team at (855) 541-1010 or email them at jrobards@matrixmitigation.com today for more information.