When Do You Need Water Damage Restoration: Restoration Contractors vs. Plumbers

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Matrix Mitigation is a leading water damage restoration company offering water removal, restoration, and repairs in Braselton, GA, and other Northeast Georgia cities. The team understands the tight response times necessary to prevent significant water damage. Read these tips to learn when you need water damage restoration contractors and plumbers.

When Will You Need a Water Damage Restoration Contractor vs. Plumbers?

Call a Water Damage Restoration Contractor after a Disaster

The most common case when you’ll need water damage restoration contractors is after a disaster. According to the CDC, water removal after a flood or storm is crucial to prevent water damage problems. Getting help from a restoration contractor is the first step to recovering after suffering severe storms or a hurricane.

What Do Water Damage Companies Do?

From residential water damage problems to commercial cleaning services, restoration contractors know how to meet the unique needs in these situations. Ideal situations to contact a restoration contractor also include when you need:

  •       Water damage restoration
  •       Water removal and cleanup
  •       Damage inspections
  •       Repairs and restoration services

Water damage restoration contractors perform the necessary services to repair, restore, and rebuild over the damage. They inspect the damage and resolve problems promptly. Advanced tools allow them to restore items to better conditions without breaking the bank.

Restoration contractors like the team at Matrix Mitigation have specialized water removal knowledge. At Matrix Mitigation, technicians use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to complete water removal successfully. The restoration experts clean damage with excellent attention to detail.

Matrix Mitigation, which understands that the restoration process is a lengthy endeavor, approaches each challenge with state-of-the-art technology and effective customer service. Customers can count on Matrix for trustworthy, high-quality restorations.

Call a Professional Plumber for Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbers also handle emergencies relating to water but don’t offer customers any restoration or water damage mitigation services. Leaks, clogs, and damaged pipes are no match for professional plumbers. They come ready to resolve issues with pipes, toilets, drains, and more.

What Do Plumbers Do?

Plumbing problems can manifest overnight. As soon as you experience the following plumbing problems, you should contact a plumber:

  •       Clogs
  •       Slow drainage
  •       Foul odors coming from your shower or sink
  •       Gurgling sounds in the drain
  •       Sewage coming up
  •       Leaking pipes

Unlike Matrix Mitigation’s restoration crew, plumbers won’t resolve mold or discoloration from water damage. Instead, they’ll unclog drains and fix leaking pipes to ensure system longevity. Some may clean up water, but repairing your plumbing system is their main priority.

Plumbers also use high-quality equipment to identify and treat problems. Despite this, the scope of their services is more oriented towards repairs, not restoration. Matrix Mitigation’s services expand past plumbing repairs to meet varied restoration needs.

About the Company

Matrix Mitigation takes the stress out of getting professional restoration services by handling everything for customers. From inspecting damaged areas to removing water and drying surfaces, the professional technicians enable homeowners to recover damages without skimping on quality.

Don’t hesitate to get water damage restoration services in Northeast Georgia from Matrix Mitigation. The team’s dedication to restoration makes them a top choice when you need assistance. Call today at (855) 541-1010, or email at info@matrixmitigation.com.

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