Three Reasons Why Quick Response Water Damage Restoration Is Vital

Why Is Fast Water Damage Restoration Important? Here Are Three Reasons

Hoschton, United States – October 1, 2021 / Matrix Mitigation Services /

Matrix Mitigation Services is a water damage restoration company based in Hoschton, GA. The company provides top-notch support services throughout Northeast Georgia for any water emergencies that need quick water damage repair and the right tools for a safe, effective water removal process. The company also offers 24/7 water damage repair services for the convenience of Georgia’s homeowners and businesses.

Three Reasons Why A Swift Water Damage Restoration Is Vital

Matrix Mitigation Services has a skilled team that takes great pride in cleaning both homes and businesses in Braselton and surrounding areas with the highest level of care after a disaster. The professionals use the best water damage restoration techniques to remove water, repair flood damage, and isolate unknown causes, among other services.

Here are three important considerations to help property owners restore life to normal after natural disasters and other water issues:

#1 Water Damage Gets Worse Over Time

When left to its own devices, water tends to spread into the most inconvenient or dangerous places imaginable. It is not unusual for restoration teams to see homes and businesses with problems like water inside walls, seeping through the flooring, and running between wood and fabric fibers into other troublesome places. The sooner Georgia locals tackle flooding, standing water, and leaks, the less likely it is that permanent damage will happen over the long term.

#2 Mold Sets In Quickly

The threat of mold comes on the heels of water damage. The further moisture penetrates into the building and its furnishings or other items, the harder it is to remove. Standing water or other damp spots will then breed mold, mildew, and algae, especially inside washing machines and underneath floors.

The best solution is to prevent mold growth. Part of Matrix Mitigation Services’ skill set is to find damp areas and remove the water present so that organic growth cannot thrive there. Mold poses health concerns, but the remediation process is also lengthy and often expensive—Matrix Mitigation’s lightning-fast water damage restoration services provide an excellent way to avoid this predicament.

Elements like drywall can become a breeding ground for mold if submerged in water for a day or two, and other surfaces take even less time to pose a problem. While different strains of mold carry varying risks, many species of mold are potent allergens. Even helpful mold varieties like penicillin can cause health issues.

#3: Unpleasant Odors

Mold has a distinctive odor, but it may not be the only source where there is water damage. Restoration contractors like Matrix Mitigation Services often come across water intrusion from a septic tank or sewer line. Those foul smells can quickly sour what was once a pleasant space, especially if left for longer periods to ferment.

Even clean water will develop an odor if left for too long—it is unpleasant, like a stale, mildew-like smell that seems to permeate every object in the space. Wet conditions also create ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes that pose odors and health hazards of their own. The best way to keep the stench from settling into fabrics, drywall, floors, and other porous surfaces is to remove the water fast.

A quick response water damage remediation team is an incredibly important resource after an emergency. Call Matrix Mitigation Services at (855) 541-1010 or email them at for more about their affordable water damage restoration services in Braselton, GA, and surrounding areas.