The Negative Effects of Untreated Water Damage

5 Unwanted Effects of Untreated Water Damage

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It’s no secret that water damage can take a toll on even the newest, most solid homes. It causes extensive structural damage that costs homeowners thousands of dollars to fix. In fact, experts estimate that one inch of stagnant water costs over $4,000 in water damage restoration.

Extensive water damage doesn’t just deteriorate a home’s structure. It negatively impacts nearly every aspect of the residence and can leave it uninhabitable if it isn’t dealt with swiftly and effectively. Below are some of the adverse effects of water damage every homeowner should know by the water damage restoration experts at Matrix Mitigation Services.

Top 5 Unwanted Effects of Untreated Water Damage

1. Weakened Drywall and Flooring

Water damage affects floors and walls more than most other areas of a home. If left untreated, water absorbs into the floors and walls, affecting their durability while decreasing their visual appeal. It can even form hazardous mold and mildew that puts the homeowner’s health at risk.

Once the excess water takes hold of a wall, floor, or ceiling, the homeowner will need to hire an expert to cut out the damaged area and replace it. It’s vital to address water damage as soon as possible to keep the home in prime condition and avoid expensive repairs.

2. Pipe Corrosion

Floodwater doesn’t just affect the home’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Since it often contains harsh chemicals and other unsavory contaminants, it has disastrous effects on the home’s pipes and plumbing.

Pipes corrode and break down when exposed to high levels of floodwater. Once rust forms, the barriers weaken and the pipes fracture, leading to even more water damage and structural issues.

3. Lowers the Home’s Value

Extensive water damage decreases a home’s value. Since few people want to live in a water-damaged home, the value dips immensely. It’s best to call a team of professionals like Matrix Mitigation to repair the water damage before putting the house on the market.

4. Causes Health Concerns

As stated before, unaddressed water damage leads to hazardous mold and mildew growth that can negatively impact the homeowner and their family’s health. Even if dangerous bacteria don’t take hold, pollutants riddle the water and put the occupants at risk after being absorbed into the home. Homeowners must deal with floodwater and the damages it causes swiftly to keep their health out of harm’s way.

5. Ruins the Home’s Electrical System

Water is an electrical system’s worst enemy. It fries the system and poses safety concerns for the homeowner as well as the home. Fires, electrocutions, and more can occur once water makes its way into the electrical system.

Always contact a professional to ensure that everything is safe before moving forward with electrical repairs. The last thing a homeowner wants is medical bills on top of water damage mitigation costs.

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