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Water damage affects thousands of homeowners nationwide every year, leaving them with costly repairs and losses. That’s why it’s vital to know how to handle the water damage next time a disaster strikes. However, many homeowners don’t understand water damage restoration and don’t know the best practices to save their homes and precious belongings.

Thankfully, Matrix Mitigation is here to help. Its team knows all the ins and outs of water damage restoration and can help homeowners understand what to do during a flood. Below are a few tips and tricks to help Braselton, GA, homeowners with water damage restoration.

5 Water Damage Restoration Tips Everyone Should Know

1. Disconnect Electronics from Outlets

Homeowners must disconnect all electronics and appliances from their outlets during the first signs of flooding or water damage. If water makes its way to an outlet or electrical device, it increases the chances of explosions and electrical shocks tenfold, putting the homeowner’s health in jeopardy. Always unplug devices from the electrical outlets to ensure that everything remains safe and secure.

2. Start Removing the Water

When flooding occurs, homeowners need to act fast to prevent further damage. First, call a reputable water damage restoration company. Start removing as much water from the residence as possible while waiting for the water removal company to arrive. Although you don’t have the high-end equipment most water removal and water damage restoration services utilize, you can still do your best to mitigate the issue with household supplies until the experts arrive.

A simple mop and bucket can help property owners remove the water swiftly with minimal effort. They can also place down old towels or newspapers to soak up the water and speed up the water removal process.

3. Remove Damaged Goods

Homeowners need to remove their water-damaged belongings and place them in a dry, safe location. It’s crucial to dry wet rugs, clothes, and other vulnerable items as soon as possible to prevent potentially hazardous mold and mildew from forming.

It only takes mold and mildew 48 hours to develop, so drying the area and affected belongings immediately is a vital part of water damage restoration.

4. Document the Damage and Contact the Insurance Company

Homeowners need to contact their insurance company quickly when flooding or water damage occurs. It’s also crucial to take a few detailed pictures of the water damage to help prove the claim and get adequate compensation for the lost items.

Most water damage restoration companies have extensive experience with insurance companies and can help homeowners navigate the claim process.

5. Dry the Area

Setting up a few fans (if the area is safe for electronics) around wet regions of the home is a great way to speed up the drying process. As stated before, drying is a vital part of water damage restoration since it prevents mold and mildew growth while water removal experts salvage your cherished belongings. Homeowners can also use dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture affecting the area.

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