Four Most Common Causes of Flood Damage

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Flood damage renders even the sturdiest home uninhabitable at an astonishing rate. That’s why homeowners must take every precaution necessary to protect their homes from flooding and avoid expensive water damage restoration costs. However, most homeowners don’t know where to start since they don’t understand the most common causes of flood damage.

Matrix Mitigation has helped hundreds of Hoschton, GA, residents with water damage restoration and knows all the ins and outs of the industry. Its team put together this guide explaining the most common causes of flood damage, allowing homeowners to protect their homes before disaster strikes. Below are some of the most common causes of flood damage, according to the experts at Matrix Mitigation.

Most Common Causes of Flood Damage

1. Severe Weather

Heavy rain, hurricanes, and thunderstorms can tear through homes, leaving countless residents with extensive flood damages that cost a small fortune to repair. Although severe weather doesn’t occur regularly, it’s still one of the leading causes of flood damage. Try sealing the home’s windows and doors to minimize flooding next time severe weather rolls through the neighborhood.

2. Clogged Gutters

Gutter systems guide rainwater away from residences during storms and torrential downpours. However, leaves, sticks, and other debris make their way into gutter lines over time, clogging the gutters and causing water to overflow onto the property. Homeowners must routinely clean their gutters to ensure that rainwater doesn’t spill out and potentially flood their homes, especially if they expect an upcoming rainstorm.

3. Leaky or Burst Pipes

Leaking or burst pipes are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They silently saturate walls, floors, and crawl spaces without showing signs of water damage until it’s too late. It’s always a good idea to check the residence’s pipes every few years to ensure that they remain in prime condition.

Checking a home’s pipes can also help homeowners identify problems before they arise. If they discover a corroding pipe, the homeowner can contact a plumber for immediate repairs, saving them from expensive water removal and water damage restoration costs.

If temperatures dip below freezing, leave faucets on to let water drip from to prevent pipes from bursting in the cold weather.

4. Faulty Appliances

When appliances get older, their internal workings start breaking down, leading to rusted pipes and weakened hoses. The dishwasher starts leaving pools of water in the kitchen while the washing machine floods the laundry room. Homeowners should keep an eye on their appliances’ functionality and address any issues they discover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most appliance flooding stems from faulty pipes and hoses. Always check the appliances’ hoses and pipes for cracks, leaks, or anything else that could lead to flood damage.

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The flood damage experts at Matrix Mitigation can help homeowners recover from flooding with their fantastic water damage restoration services. Its team goes above and beyond to restore your home to its original condition while providing professional advice on preventing future flooding. Whether you need water removal or restoration services, Matrix Mitigation is always here for you.

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