Questions to Find Out if You’ve Chosen the Right Water Damage Restoration Contractor

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Water damage restoration requires strong technical knowledge and expertise to conduct successfully. Matrix Mitigation Services provides premier water damage restoration services in Jefferson, GA. In addition to water removal, the company also handles repairs, renovation, and cleaning to promote a stress-free restoration experience.

To help residents find their ideal water damage restoration company, Matrix Mitigation Services has compiled a list of questions to ask prospective contractors. These questions help homeowners determine whether the contractor has the right skills and tools to complete the job successfully.

Four Questions to Ask Water Damage Restoration Contractors

#1 How Much Training and Experience Do the Technicians Have?

Training and experience are key components in a good water damage restoration company. Training ensures that the technicians are up to date with the latest water removal strategies and equipment, while experience translates into an overall smoother and more efficient job.

Some water damage restorations can be incredibly complex. Experienced companies are more likely to have encountered similar issues and have the ability to handle them effectively instead of using the situation as a learning experience.

#2 What Equipment and Cleaning Supplies Does the Company Use?

Modern water removal and restoration equipment is more effective at removing water, which minimizes potential water damage. Companies that are willing to update their equipment are more likely to take their work seriously. Modern cleaning supplies are also significantly more effective at addressing hazardous conditions and removing all traces of mold and bacteria that may otherwise pose a health risk.

#3 Is the Company Licensed, Fully Bonded, and Insured?

Water damage restoration companies must license their business with the state, which ensures that unhappy clients have legal recourse to settle potential disputes.

Water damage mitigation can be a hazardous and messy job. Companies that are bonded and insured have cover for both themselves and for their clients.

A surety bond is a form of insurance that covers any damage to the client’s property or belongings. The company should also have their own insurance that covers workplace injuries or if they need to pay out for an uncompleted job.

While having a surety bond and insurance doesn’t guarantee high-quality work, it does mean that the company takes the job seriously enough to go through the effort. Avoid any contractors that don’t have these bare minimums.

#4 Can the Company Provide Reviews and References?

It’s common for water damage restoration companies to share positive reviews on social media, and it’s a good place to start looking at the company’s past service history. However, it’s also good practice to ask for references. Potential clients should follow up on these references and visit sites like the Better Business Bureau to find out how the company interacts with clients.

About the Company

Matrix Mitigation Services is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed water damage restoration company serving Jefferson, GA, and surrounding areas. The company offers a complete water damage restoration package that handles every aspect of the project, from water removal to connecting with the insurance company.


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