Most Commonly Asked Questions About Water Damage Restoration

When water damages commercial and residential properties in NorthEast Georgia, property owners usually have many questions. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about water damage restoration.

How Can Water Damage a Home?

Water can cause deterioration and sagging. It can cause wood to warp, swell, or rot, and it can permanently damage fabric items such as furniture and carpeting that are submerged for more than a few days. Water damage can also bring about electrical hazards. It can short-out electrical systems, resulting in damage to electronics, fires, and shock hazards. It is important to deal with water damage in the shortest time possible, failure to cause more damage to your property.

What Causes Water Damage?

There is no exact cause of water damage because it can be caused by various factors such as natural disasters, blocked drains, leaking pipes, structural damage like a roof leak, accidents such as leaving a faucet on, and sump pump problems to name a few.

I Discovered A Water Leak. What Should I Do?

The first thing you should do is switch off the water source, which is usually located near your water meter. If the leak is extensive, you should turn off the electricity to eliminate the chances of an electrical fire. If possible, move any water-damaged items out of the affected area.  If the source is overflowed toilets or “sewage” we cannot suggest the homeowner clean up.  Best left for Matrix to clean up. If there is excessive water, call Matrix Mitigation Services to handle the extraction and restoration process.

For How Long Will The Damp Odor Linger?

Construction products are designed to absorb small amounts of moisture; however, they begin to erode and release organic matter into the air when the moisture is excessive. This process continues and only stops when the water is removed or completely dries. Until then, the odor could linger for quite some time.

How Long Does A Home or Business Take To Dry After Water Damage?

Well, it depends. It all depends on the types of building materials involved, the amount of moisture, and how long the materials have been exposed to moisture. For example, wood dries faster than concrete.

What Does Water Damage Restoration Include?

The water damage restoration process begins when technicians arrive at your home or business premises. The technicians will inspect the damage and establish a remediation plan, which may involve water removal, dehumidification, mold remediation, and structural repairs.

Is Dehumidification Necessary?

Yes. Many home and business owners associate water damage with pipe leaks or severe floods; however, excess moisture in the air can cause just as much damage as pooled water. Humid air can damage your furniture, floors, walls, and other structural components in your property. Dehumidification reduces air moisture, which, in turn, mitigates damage to your home or business and prevents subsequent mold growth.  

Why Do Water Damage Restoration Companies Need to Access My Home or Business?

Every water damage event is different and requires a unique plan of action based on size of affected area, severity of the damage incurred, construction materials involved, personal items affected, and how long the water damage has been present to name a few factors involved. This is something that can’t be done without an in person assessment.

Accessing a home or business for water damage  allows the restoration company to determine how long it will take to effectively dry the area, how much and what type of equipment is needed to complete the job, how much it will cost, if reconstruction will be necessary, and if mold is a factor that can be prevented or if already present, mold remediation completed.

Continued assessment of the property during restoration is also necessary. After a water damage restoration company extracts the water and begins the drying process, the technicians need to control and monitor humidity and moisture levels in the property. By doing this, they can prevent mold infestation. Additionally, insurance companies need daily monitoring reports to determine whether your claim warrants any damages.


If I File a Claim, Do I Have to Wait for an Adjuster to Come to My Property Before I Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company?

No. Most business and homeowner policies require you to do everything possible to prevent further damage. Therefore, the first step is to stop the water source.  After that, Call Matrix Mitigation Services, and ensure that you take plenty of pictures of everything affected. Matrix will arrive onsite and if loss determined is significant we will work with you to file your claim.              

Are There Different Types Of Water?

Three types of water can accompany a flooding incident. These include:

Clean Water: Busted appliances or leaking plumbing fixtures don’t typically affect your health or the health of those inhabiting the property.

Greywater: Greywater can cause ill health because it contains some biological, physical, or chemical contamination. This would be from a source such as a washer,  dishwasher, bathtub, shower or sink.

Black Water: Exposure to black water can result in illnesses, infections, and respiratory problems. This type of water comes from sewage backups, groundwater surfaces, seawater, or major weather events such as a hurricane or  flash flood. 

How Much Does Water Damage Cleanup Cost?

It all depends on the project scope and what your insurance policy covers. Our technicians will access your property and explain the overall costs to you. If you have insurance, you will likely only pay for the deductible since most property insurance policies include water damage. If you carry flood insurance, your carrier will cover a portion of your repairs.  

How Can I Prevent Water Damage from Reoccurring in the Future?

Water damage from natural causes is almost impossible to prevent. However, there are  some measures you can take to prevent most water damage, including:

  •  Applying sealants and coatings to your windows, doorways, walls, and foundation to prevent flood water from leaking into your house. 
  • To prevent most electrical damage due to flooding, you can install all electrical outlets at least 1 ft above flood level.
  • To prevent water damage from flooded sewage systems, install backwater or backflow valves in your pipes as this will help prevent sewage water from backing up into your house.  
  • Regular inspections and maintenance of the plumbing and heating system can help you detect any plumbing problems before they morph into detrimental water damage.
  • Routine inspections of the roof for broken or missing shingles and repairing or replacing those found will help prevent water intrusion.
  • Routine cleaning of gutters and downspouts ensure water can flow away from the home.

Can I Clean Up Water Damage Myself?

You can clean up excess water; however, if the water flooded your entire basement or extended to multiple areas of your home, you are going to need water restoration professionals to repair and prevent major damage.

Excess water can soak into your floors and walls, and you may not have the experience or equipment to handle such a problem. An expert can effectively clean and dry your space, eliminating the likelihood of mold growth. These hidden, water-soaked spaces create the perfect conditions for mold growth since mold thrives in dark places.

If the damage results from a sewage backup, it can severely harm your health. It is not advisable for a homeowner to have contact with sewage water. Avoid any contact and let the professionals take care of the damage.

What Can A Water Damage Restoration Company Like Matrix Mitigation Services Do To Help?

Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They are equipped with state-of-the-art moisture meters and the best drying equipment in the market. We handle all restoration projects with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. We can repair the damage to your space in the shortest time possible so that your Family/Team can return to daily life.

We have the training, experience, and equipment needed to extract water that has made its way into the floors and walls of your home. Our approaches are backed by science and research.  Our rapid response time, together with our knowledge, professionalism, and equipment will ensure that water damage to your residential or commercial property is handled quickly and effectively without further compromising the structural integrity of your property.   

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