How Restoration Differs Depending on the Age of the Water Damage

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Finding extensive water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It takes away from the home’s curb appeal and often requires costly repairs to prevent further damage. However, not all water damage demands the same water damage restoration process.

Believe it or not, the water damage’s age can determine how a water damage restoration team like Matrix Mitigation approaches repairs. Knowing the age of the water damage helps restoration experts uncover the seriousness of the issue and how long it’s occurred.

Below are a few helpful tips to help homeowners figure out the age of their water damage and discover the best restoration solution.

Old vs. New Water Damage: Effects of Restoration Process

Determining the Water Damage’s Age

The water damage restoration experts at Matrix Mitigation advise homeowners utilize a five-step process to determine the age of their water damage.

Step One: Feel the Afflicted Spot

Touching water-damaged areas is one of the best ways to identify their age. New water damage is often moist to the touch and feels relatively firm. However, if the area is soft and mushy, it’s likely an older stain that has already absorbed the water.

Step Two: Ring Coloration

The water damage’s color can often determine its age. If the area is dark, the damage is relatively new and requires immediate attention. If the region has dried with yellowish-brown rings surrounding the area, the water damage is much older.

The number of rings surrounding the area also indicates the stain’s age. The stain’s rings determine its longevity. More rings indicate that the issue persisted for an extended period.

Keep in mind that dark and grey coloration can also indicate mildew and mold growth. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the area since dark spots can signify age and additional issues.

Step Three: Check the Materials

Always check around the affected area for other water damage indications. Sometimes a small water spot indicates a much larger problem lurking behind the walls or ceiling.

Step Four: Search for Mold

Mold tends to form two or three days after water damage occurs. If mold is already taking hold, it’s a sign of a constant issue that needs the homeowner’s immediate attention.

Step Five: Look for Decay

Old water damage sometimes causes decay, leading to expensive repairs homeowners want to avoid. Newer water damage rarely decays a home, so if a homeowner notices the telltale signs of decay, it’s safe to assume it’s old, persisting water damage.

Decay doesn’t start from small, older water damage—it usually indicates excess water damage or multiple leaks in a specific area. Homeowners must contact a water removal and restoration company like Matrix Mitigation at the first signs of home decay.

First-Class Water Damage Restoration Services in Hoschton, GA

Water damage is a serious issue that requires professional attention to eliminate correctly. Failing to do so can result in severe structural damage, health concerns, and more. Luckily, Matrix Mitigation offers high-quality water removal and water damage restoration to Hoschton, GA, residents in need.

Matrix Mitigation handles all forms of water damage while restoring homes to their original states at fair and honest prices.

Defeat water damage once and for all by calling Matrix Mitigation Services at (855) 541-1010 today!

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