Common Water Damage Restoration Myths That Impede Water Damage Restoration

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Matrix Mitigation Services has helped thousands of Braselton, GA, residents restore their properties after emergencies. The company specializes in water damage restoration and has developed an effective and efficient process that handles every aspect of the water damage situation, from the initial damage inspection to the final cleaning and sanitization step.

Reuters estimates that flood damage costs will increase by up to 61% in the future, rising to $32 billion in 2051. Water can do serious damage to a building’s structural integrity, and the myths surrounding water damage only make the situation more serious and costly to repair.

The Most Common Water Damage Restoration Myths

#1 Going the DIY Route Will Save Money

Many homeowners think that they have the skills necessary to remove any water from their homes. They go out, rent some equipment, try to handle the job themselves, but this almost always does more harm than good.


In many cases, it can be difficult to detect water damage, especially in walls and foundations. A DIY job often fails to remove all the water, which leads to extensive water damage to these vulnerable structural portions of the home. When the homeowners realize the extent of the damage, the cost of the water damage restoration increases dramatically.

#2 The Problem Will Go Away by Itself

Homeowners sometimes assume that because water evaporates, the water problem will eventually solve itself without the need for specialist equipment. The truth is that standing water can take several weeks or months to evaporate, especially in a humid environment. During this time, it does a lot of damage and promotes mold growth throughout the home.


Water often seeps into small cracks and crevices, and without specialized equipment and technical expertise, this water stays in these crevices for a very long time. When mold grows, it can impact the home’s structural integrity and cause respiratory illnesses.

#3 Wooden Fixtures and Floors Will be Ruined

It’s true that water is incredibly damaging to wood, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that wooden floors are unsalvageable after a flood or burst pipe. Properly treated hardwood floors are often relatively resistant to water, which means that water will take more time to penetrate and warp the boards. The longer the floor soaks in water, the more the boards are prone to damage. Hiring a water damage restoration specialist as soon as possible can ensure that old hardwood floors, banisters, and skirting avoid the worst outcome.

#4 Insurance Won’t Pay for the Restoration

Most homeowners insurance policies have coverage for storm damage and floods. What most homeowners don’t know is that the same coverage tends to also apply to water damage from burst pipes or gushing appliances. If in doubt, Matrix Mitigation recommends that homeowners contact the insurance company before paying out of pocket.

About the Company

Matrix Mitigation Services offers Braselton, GA residents 24/7 year-round water damage restoration services. Water cleanup is an extensive process that requires specialist equipment and expertise. The company works with homeowners to make the water damage restoration process as stress-free as possible by handling every aspect of the job, including contacting the homeowner’s insurer.

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