Damage Restoration Company Advises Homeowners on Water Removal

Dos and Don’ts to Remember Before Performing Water Removal

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As a leading water removal service provider in Hoschton, GA, Matrix Mitigation handles water removal and damage restoration with professionalism customers want. However, customers seeking water removal must do their part to prepare for services. The professionals at Matrix Mitigation offer tips on what customers should and shouldn’t do before performing water removal.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember Before Performing Water Removal

What to Do Before Water Removal

#1: Turn off Water Mains

Encountering water in your home or business is a surprising and stressful scenario. You’ll need to act fast to minimize water damage. Turning off the source of the water is the first step to take.

#2: Isolate Problem Areas

Next, it’s helpful to wipe excess water from objects to prevent mold growth. Isolating and removing standing water with a mop will start the removal process. Protect fabric and hard surfaces from water damage by moving pillows, rugs, drapes, and cushions to create more room for water removal.

#3: Implement Drying Techniques

Using fans to dry out wet floors and surfaces is one of the easiest ways to remove water. Adding a dehumidifier to the setup provides a powerful drying solution. Whether you set fabric outside to dry or use fans, prompt drying is vital.

#4: Contact the Professionals

Seeking water removal and water damage restoration from professionals like Matrix Mitigation is the best way to fast-track property to proper water damage recovery. The technicians have the knowledge and experience to help.

What Not to Do Before Water Removal

#1: Don’t Use Electrical Appliances to Remove Water

Despite the convenience, using a vacuum or another appliance to remove water is extremely dangerous. Large amounts of standing water can reach electrical outlets, causing more damage, fire, or even death.

Improper usage of electrical appliances can lead to electrocution. Professionals such as Matrix Mitigation have the proper training to remove water safely. Homeowners can sit back and rest assured their water damage restoration project is well on its way to completion.

#2: Don’t Attempt Extensive Water Removal Tasks

The experts are here for a reason. Without their knowledge, homeowners risk making water damage worse with improper removal methods. A professional water cleanup team has the advanced tools necessary for resolving water damage effectively.

Standing water requires extensive cleanup. From specialized vacuums to dehumidifiers, there is a drying solution for complete water and mold removal. According to Texas A&M University, drying floors as part of the water removal process could take weeks without professional assistance.

#3: Avoid Cleaning Sewage

When plumbing problems cause water damage, the last thing a homeowner wants to do is handle sewage water. Sewage contains severely harmful contaminants that cause serious illness. Leaving sewage water removal to a water damage restoration company is the safest and best cleanup option.

About the Company

Matrix Mitigation prides itself on being a top-notch water removal authority in Northeast Georgia. Whether customers need water damage restoration or repairs, the team applies a combination of excellent customer service and expert technicians.

Homeowners and entrepreneurs seeking high-quality water removal services don’t have to look far in Northeast Georgia. Hoschton, GA, residents will benefit from the comprehensive water removal and damage restoration services from Matrix Mitigation. Contact the team today for expert water cleanup solutions by calling (855) 541-1010 or emailing info@matrixmitigation.com.