5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make During DIY Water Removal

Water Damage Restoration Company Details Common Water Removal Mistakes

Hoschton, United States – September 13, 2021 / Matrix Mitigation Services /

Many homeowners in Georgia attempt water removal on their own after flooding or plumbing damage. Unfortunately, without professional experience, the process can be more challenging than it looks. The experts at Matrix Mitigation Services, a leading water damage restoration company in Georgia, caution homeowners to avoid five common mistakes.

5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make During DIY Water Removal

#1: Delaying the Water Removal Process

Many homeowners are surprised by how quickly water damage happens, and delaying the water removal process is the most common mistake they make. Some assume the damage is already done, there’s no rush to clean it up, but the longer water sits on surfaces, the more time it has to seep into other areas.

Even short delays can lead to far costlier repairs and secondary damage, such as mold. Mold can begin to grow in a moist environment in as little as 24 hours and can be very difficult to get rid of once established. That’s why it’s vital to call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible.

#2: Underestimating the Damage

Another point that takes many homeowners by surprise is how much damage even a small amount of water can cause. How much damage could a little puddle do? Unfortunately, a lot. Even something seemingly insignificant like excess humidity can cause mold growth and damage flooring, furniture, and drywall.

Moisture damage can also be tricky to catch as much of it can remain hidden. Excess water can pool between walls, under flooring, and other non-obvious places. This kind of damage may not be apparent until it causes significant problems. One benefit of hiring a professional is they can provide an accurate assessment of the damage.

#3: Using the Wrong Equipment

The typical homeowner probably doesn’t have access to the industrial humidifiers, massive fans, and pumps that pros use for water damage restoration. Having the right equipment is crucial to make sure all the water is removed. Home solutions like towels, buckets, and sponges will only help to a certain extent. They often leave moisture behind, which, again, can lead to additional damage and mold.

#4: Not Addressing the Source

While some sources of water damage are easy to spot—like a pipe spewing water—others are less clear. For instance, a poorly sealed basement may let in groundwater. A homeowner might be able to pull off removing the water, but they are unlikely to have the experience to find and stop the source of the water.

That leaves the potential for further water damage and reoccurring issues. Continued water exposure often leads to the most extensive forms of damage and may even affect the structural integrity of the building.

#5: Not Taking Proper Safety Precautions

Water removal projects require a lot of safety precautions. Homeowners often forget vital steps, such as shutting off electricity or wearing proper protective gear when dealing with wastewater and mold. As water damage restoration can be hazardous, it’s best to leave the work to a trained professional.

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