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Michael Cheri

Imagine it’s 1 am on a weekend and your basement water heater has a catastrophic failure. Now, imagine the man of the house, “Mr fixit” is out of town on a fishing trip. Yes, this was our scenario. Matrix Mitigation Services was the 3rd company I called with a 24 hour hot line, but the ONLY company that answered the phone. Jason listened to my description and immediately dispatched 2 trucks to my home. Yes at 1 am. Within hours, vacuums, fans, filters were drying out my basement with carpet and padding pulled up. My wife felt safe with them at the residence and taking care of the issue on their own. Matrix was ready to provide detailed records and photographs for insurance claims. In our case, the work was done so well, we decided not to file with insurance. I hope to never again require their services; however, if the need arises, I will not hesitate to call them first.

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