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Jayme Michaels (PommeDeSang)

My entire master suite flooded, and down into the basement. This was late afternoon, early evening. They arrived quickly and started working. They explained everything they were doing and why. They did not goof off. They did not stand around and chat. They worked. When they were finished, everything was neat and clean. After the drying process was complete, they returned for the demo. Again. Explanations for everything they did. Safety issues discussed as the flooring had been removed and temporary flooring was in place. Assured them no one would be going in and walking around. They worked very hard. Again, no goofing off or standing around joking. Cleaned up everything and took it off. Totally excellent work from the crew. Several phone discussions with Jason, who could not have been more helpful. He went way above and beyond in answering questions and helping. Even more, he listened to me when talking about my current moving out of state situation and the need to get things done. I highly recommend this company without reservation.

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