Mold Restoration

Health experts have linked residential mold to some serious health problems. So if you discover that you have mold in your home or business, it’s important to consider mold Remediation services in NE Georgia immediately.

The aspect of mold removal and mold Remediation is quite critical and urgent because of the impact that it can have on your health and your home. This is where you would want to quickly reach out to Matrix Mitigation to take advantage of mold removal services such as mold testing and mold Remediation near you.

If you have issues with mold and require the right expertise, feel free to reach out to our team at Matrix Mitigation today.

Our team at Matrix is a family-owned business formed Post Covid-19 with the mission to educate and represent our clients in THEIR best interest, not the carrier’s (Insurance company’s) interest which unfortunately has become the norm as the vast majority of contractors join “Preferred Contractor” or “Preferred Vendor” carrier based programs.  Matrix believes these programs are in direct conflict with the contacts your expected to sign.

What to do When you Have Mold Damage

Mold damage is sometimes inevitable. These spores grow in moist places and can cause considerable damage if not handled with care. These are a few steps to take when you notice a mold outbreak in your residence.

The first thing to do in a mold outbreak is to get in touch with mold removal professionals who can handle the situation. During the first call, we will ask some questions to help them determine the type of resources, equipment, and personnel that will be needed to clear the mold in your residence.

Our mold removal team at Matrix Mitigation will work with you on mold testing, mold remediation, and mold removal while educating you on all aspects of the process.

Next, some professionals will be sent over to your residence to inspect the property and assess the level of mold damage. They would utilize a combination of modern technology to detect the kind of mold but also find the water source causing the mold outbreak. 

Our mold removal experts will make sure to conduct mold testing and then have an overall assessment of your property and furnish you with all reports and review necessary corrective measures to properly mitigate your property.

Mold removal experts will use various containment procedures to contain and prevent the further spread of mold in your residence. This involves turning off the air conditioning to prevent spores from spreading through that medium. Your mold removal professionals at Matrix Mitigation will ensure effective mold Remediation.

Mold Remediation professionals work with specialized filtration equipment that makes it possible to remove mold spores from the air within your residence. This is another way to prevent the spread of spores during the mold remediation process. Our mold removal experts will ensure to go through your crawl space, account for your air ducts, and use our whole process to do a great job.

The home will be inspected for mold growth, and any Materials or surfaces impacted by heavy mold growth is removed and carefully disposed of. This includes porous materials such as drywall, carpeting, and insulation. This is a critical part of the mold removal process as this helps to begin anew.

Matrix Mitigation Services will make sure to provide certified professionals that can conduct a home inspection and ask a few questions, in addition to providing comprehensive services after water damage or fire damage events.

All non-porous materials that wouldn’t be removed from the home will be thoroughly cleaned to eradicate all molds and prevent re-infestation. Fixtures to be cleaned include HVAC systems, mechanical systems, flooring, framing, curtains, and décor items.

In serious mold damage, your subfloors, drywall, and some other building materials will have to be removed. mold Remediation involves the replacement of these materials and the reconstruction of affected parts of the home.

Why Call a Mold mold Remediation Service?

Some people may wonder why they have to call a professional mold service rather than handle a mold outbreak themselves. Here are a few reasons you should reach out to professionals after a fire damage event or a water damage event.

24/7 Emergency Service

A quick response time is important when dealing with mold because it spreads very fast.  We understand the need for urgency in these cases and always offer a quick response to significantly reduce the level of damage. This helps lessen the cost of repairs and reduces the time needed to remediate the mold. Additionally, many Policy’s have Caps on Mold coverage.  You must act quickly to minimize the potential to exceed these coverages.

Highly-Trained Professionals

Our highly trained technicians have the necessary Training and experience to do the job.    Choose Matrix who specializes in mold testing and inspection, cleanup, and restoration. 

Easy Insurance Claims Process

We make it easier for you to navigate the insurance claims process and manage the essential paperwork for a faster, easier experience.

What to Do While You Wait for mold Remediation Services

When you notice a mold outbreak on your property, the first thing to do would be to call some experts to assess the situation. But while waiting for the experts to arrive, you can:

This includes all fans or any other air-moving tools in your home.
Avoid sleeping in a bedroom with a mold outbreak. Also, restrict other people in the home from accessing the area. If you experience a mold outbreak in just one room, shut off that room from the rest of the house to prevent spread until help gets to you. It will be a mistake to attempt to paint over the mold or clean up it yourself, as doing this will only help spread the mold.

Make an effort to find out the water source that’s feeding the mold growth and stop the water if you can. If the water source isn’t an obvious one, you should leave the job for professionals.

Work with our professionals at Matrix for your water damage repair needs. Matrix is the White Glove/Gold Standard service provider to policyholders who want complete devotion to their property, not the carrier.


Matrix is a family-owned business formed Post Covid-19 with the mission to educate and represent our clients in THEIR best interest, not the Carrier (Insurance company’s) interest.  We don’t participate in program work that has eroded transparency within the industry.

We aim to deal directly with our clients and present transparent and ethical services.

We differ from others as we are value-driven.

Our values and business model drive Integrity, transparency and above all, “Doing the right thing”

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